Microscope Reservations

Nystul Lab Apotome Microscope

We have a Zeiss AxioImager with Apotome unit (for optical sectioning) available to share with other users at UCSF.  Information about the filter sets available for the this microscope can be found here.

To use the microscope, you need to have an account with the UCSF Biological Imaging Development Center. All users will need to be trained before using the microscope, regardless of prior experience. A user manual is available here.

Once you have a BIDC account and have received training, contact Todd Nystul or Mari Benitez to get access to the Google calendar, which is used for making reservations.

BIDC Spectral Confocal

We are the primary users of a Nikon C1 Spectral Confocal that belongs to the BIDC.  It takes a little more practice than usual to use this microscope smoothly, but it takes nice images and is very inexpensive.  DAPI, GFP, RFP, and far-red laser lines are available. Since the microscope belongs to the BIDC, all users must have a BIDC account and receive training from a BIDC staff member before use.  Reservations are made through the UCSF MyCores website.