CRS Apotome Microscope


Please use the Biological Imaging Development Center Scheduler to reserve time on the CRS Apotome. To create a reservation, you will need a personal account in the BIDC system that has been granted access to the calendar for this microscope.

Information about the filter sets available for the CRS Apotome can be found here.

To create an account: Sign up online by clicking on "New User Sign Up" on the Scheduler Homepage.

Once you have an account, click on the reservation link for our scope and attempt to reserve a time.  You will get a page indicating that you are not approved for access. Click the link for requesting access and then send an email to me at todd.nystul[at] to let me know.  It is important that you let me know you're awaiting access because I do not monitor requests regularly.

Microscope use: All users will need to be trained before using the microscope, regardless of prior experience. A users manual is in development. Click here for the current version.